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MTS24 - The multifunctional, real-time data acquisition device

MTS24 - The multifunctional, real-time data acquisition device
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MTS24 - The multifunctional, real-time data acquisition device

MTS24 precision measuring instrument is based on the optimization of the individual components, such as the preamplifier and the A/D converter, power supply unit, sensor power supply, sensor cables etc. and their harmonious coordination within the overall system. The MTS24 Power Analyzer is so well thought out that there is actually no room for measuring errors! Slow, fast and very fast channels can be combined within one modular device.

By consistently minimizing all sources of error, the preamplifier in the MTS24 precision measuring instrument can work with full precision. Distortion and noise combined are almost -100 dB, enabling a measurement result with an actual ENOB (effective number of bits) of 16 bits across a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes.

The internal power supply units of the MTS24 Power Analyzer measuring devices work highly synchronously at half the ADC clock rate, remaining invisible over the entire bandwidth from DC to 2 MHz. The common mode rejection of the differential amplifiers – decisive for the elimination of external, mostly high-frequency interferences via the sensor cables – allows for an adjustment from DC to over 1.7 MHz bandwidth to more than -100 dB at the push of a button.

All measuring channels e.g. for volts, current, resistance, ICP®, LVDT, strain gage, charge etc. are galvanically isolated and offer stable sensor supplies down to the MHz range – with a measuring resolution more precise than -117 dB.

Technical data :                    

Sample Rate:

24 Bit AD-conversion at up to 4 MHz

Pulse/counter inputs:

832 MHz 1.20 ns resolution

Analog outputs:

20 Bit up to 2MHz

Number of channels:


Best signal quality

16 ENOB – Effective Number of Bits

Flat bandwidth:

DC - 1 MHz or 1.7 MHz

Max. No. of Devices:



244 x 400 x 75 mm³ / 5,9 kg

* Digital measurements accurate to nanoseconds

* USB 3.0 | USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interface to PC                    

* Synchronization interface for device cascading of multiple MTS24 devices       

* Digital I/O and synchronization interface

Measurement equipment
Sample Rate24 Bit AD-conversion at up to 4 MHz
Pulse/counter inputs832 MHz ⩠ 1.20 ns resolution
Analog outputs20 Bit up to 2MHz
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