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Control units

Model: Разъем для датчика SGS 1mV/V – 640mV/V
- SGS smart sensor connector for analog converters from 1 mV / V to 640 mV / V (X14, iDCA, iCFA);- Intelligent sensor connector SGS, including EEPROM for storing electronic data of the connected sensor;- Connection to X14, iDCA, iCFA; Sub-D connector 15-pin, shielded;- A / B / R encoder with TTL, Li..
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Model: Панель управления и индикации ЭДУ
- EDUi8 control and display panel, 16 buttons, emergency shutdown button, DigiPoti, touch screen display and M12 connector;- Remote Machine Control EDUi to control the test machine using the function keys and DigiPoti;- Color TFT touchscreen display with a resolution of 480p x 272p and status LEDs;-..
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