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Hydraulic equipment

Model: Гидравлический индикатор
-Each indicator is calibrated, indicator fluid is loaded and checked before shipping.- Standard sensors include a 10: 1 scale.-Single pointer sensors available.- Easy-to-read faceplate with 6-inch dial displays weight in pounds, kilograms and decanewtons.-Available in a range of capacities: 5000, 60..
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Model: Сервоклапан MOOG серии D633, D634
The valves of the D633 and D634 series are servo valves with direct control of the spool and with electrical position feedback. Spool control is carried out using the linear motor armature rigidly connected to it, moving the spool in both directions from the hydraulic zero position (neutral position..
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Model: Сервоцилиндры
Servo cylinders convert hydraulic energy (controlled by servo valves) into mechanical energy. They differ in the types of load: for axial servo cylinders, the load is determined by displacement, and for torque by rotation. Our servo cylinders are used in servo-hydraulic testing equipment and testing..
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